Any product that needs a manual to work is broken. ~ Elon Musk


Save time & money offers you a one stop web and app development shop. I bring the full set of web and app skills from strategy to design, development and deployment.

You get what you want

You also get to work directly with me. I'm the one who talks to you and does the work. This ensures that you get what you want.

Quality products

My focus is on producing quality, reliable and high performing products, optimised for mobile delivery.


You have my personal guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, then there is no charge.

What I do

Web & App

With 22 years experience in building websites dealing with all aspects of website design, development and deployment, I offer a one-stop solution for your needs. Recently I built my first app - the required skillsets are similar.

Content Management Systems

Previously having built my own CMS, and then used Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress, I now prefer to use Craft CMS as it enables the delivery of better websites with more confidence in their stability and security.


Building an effective website requires an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how you will manage content and data to and from your website. I bring extensive experience in this matter and focus on simple and clean solutions.

Web Hosting

Unless you already have your own hosting set up, I can provide web hosting with my design and build services. This saves you from having to struggle through complex control panels and deal with slow and unhelpful support systems yourself.

Website Rescue

Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla delivered sites are often easily hacked if they are not maintained. I fairly regularly rescue hacked sites and either restore them or convert to Craft CMS. Similarly if your site has become dated and is not mobile or search engine friendly, then I can help you.

Data Visualisation

Data is what it is all about these days, but if you can't understand what the data is saying and communicate this to your stakeholders you lose much of the value. Data visualisation communicates the meaning of data in graphical or other visual formats including infographics. See my some of my data viz work below


I recently completed a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging degree, and so bring a range of digital design skills to your project. This ranges from logo development, to image creation and use, and web and app layout and end user interfaces. See my Design Portfolio below


I'm a qualified and skilled photographer with a awards and competition winning entries under my belt. I am the NZIPP New Zealand Student Photographer of the Year for 2018. I am able to process and supplement your images for the web or general design purposes. Check out my work at

About me

I have been building websites for more than 25 years. I started my working life as a horticultural scientist, but even while I was studying I discovered I had a bent for writing code, and when the web found its feet in the early nineties I quickly realised the potential and taught myself how to build websites.

In 2014 I went back to school to study photography and design. I've always wanted to take photography more seriously, and while I was a competent coder I wanted to learn how to build really classy websites. I'm based in Palmerston North, so well suited to work with Manawatu customers, although I work with people from all over New Zealand.

When I am not behind a desk or camera, you might find me pursuing my other passion of long distance triathlon. I raced my first triathlon nearly 40 years ago and have never stopped. I'm known as the pink triathlete due to my tendency to dress up and change my hair colour when racing.


Pricing largely depends on requirements. Small websites can start at around $2500 depending on what you require. Additional features and functionality cost extra. If you are on tight budget there are some things we could leave out, or I can help you do it yourself. There is more to a properly designed website than meets the eye. You can go for cheaper options that may look that same, but over time behind the scenes shortcuts will come back to bite you.

Web hosting for low traffic sites starts at $400 per annum without a CMS (content management system), and $500 if one is included. My service means you won't have to deal with the hosting service providers. I use dedicated hosting for my sites delivering superior and consistent performance.

I am also available to be hired by the hour at reasonable rates.

All prices exclude GST for New Zealand based customers.


027 428 4041

P.O. Box 6024, Palmerston North


Rangitikei District Council (2015-2024)

Dudding Lake (2016-2024)

Manawatu Triathlon Club (2020-2024)

Fresh Facts (2016-2022)

Visit Rangitikei (2020-2024)

Bruce Gordon Contracting (2017-2024)

Science Events (2010-2024)

Jack McKenzie Photography (2018-2024)

The New Zealand Poplar & Willow Research Trust (2013-2024) (2018-2022)

HortResearch/Plant & Food Research (2000-2021)

Manawatu Triathlon League (2020-2024)

Data Visualisation

Rugby World Cup leading try scorers

Fresh Facts data tool